Who Is Dinesh Das?

About Dinesh Das

Dinesh Das is a serial entrepreneur, politician, financial advisor, writer, and news editor. Being a versatile personality he owns one of the best social media marketing and digital marketing company Web River, besides he’s a great blog writer on different digital platforms. Now he’s living a luxurious life indeed, but things were not that easy for him earlier. The financial condition was the worst when he was about to complete his University education. He is very keen on education and takes knowledge over any kind of certificate. When it was time to invest in higher education, he loaded himself with different skills like coding. He worked very very hard to get rid of that financial crisis and he understood that now it is time to work on finance as he has seen the financial crisis so closely.

Now although he has taken a pledge to fight back against educational barriers among rich and poor to make skillful education available for all. But Dinesh Das always worked for people’s betterment. Hence Dinesh Das remembers in the early days when he was in his village, he saw how hard it is to survive with less money. He introduced well-fortified finance to the poor citizens to help them out from their future financial disaster. He made a mark and he’s still making marks with his aggressive intent to empower the establishment and created his second steps via a startup named Fair Finance.

With his guardianship, The Fair Finance became one of the best financial companies in India. He is now working on digital promotions and customer accumulation for different businesses. He understood that none of the businesses in this world is wealthy business without customers and consumers, so he started to improve the digital base of different businesses. In this position he saw that many businesses are having either money problems or trust issues, so he founded the dream project, Initium. Initium is like a financial angel for early businessmen, where they don’t have to pay a penny for their business improvement. Dinesh Das himself is providing all the cost from his pocket for every necessary step to develop a particular business then after a huge profit is generated for those changes made by Initium, a percentage of that profit will be taken as the charges. It’s like taking the educational charges from the salary after placement.

Political Career

In politics also, he left his footprints. As an independent politician, although DINESH DAS prefers the term “SWATANTRA”.  DINESH DAS was the highest vote consumer among all the SWATANTRA candidates in this year’s election (West Bengal Assembly Election 2021). So like in the case of promoting himself in every aspect to convince people about his positive intentions towards society, he was alone there and he played his part quite well as we can see from the results. This is also a quality example of both of his qualities, a genuine personality, and a marketing mascot.


Educational Background

Qualification is just a word to fulfill criteria to become a part of the educational system. But yes, it is important to build up a great personality and achievements.

Dinesh Das is working on various platforms for serving the nation’s people. He is a great politician and a Star in the eyes of people.

DINESH DAS is the first person in his rural village who studied and worked hard to become a man of wisdom. He is from a very small village outside of Kolkata, named Bangaon around 80 km away.

He studied and completed his school education brilliantly at Bangaon High School. Then he moved to Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Jadavpur University. He completed his M.Phil degree in Political Science.

Dinesh Das is a man with great Aims, who bring a revolution in the field of online business, giving an initiative by Web River- Initium.

Dinesh Das Understands the value of education so he invested a good portion of his life, intelligence, money, education, time, and connections to fight the obstacles of society and founded INTERNATIONAL STRATEGIC SCHOLARS RESEARCH ORGANIZATION or ISSRO



DINESH DAS – the Serial Entrepreneur and his milestones.